Michael Bettersworth | Executive Director

Michael BettersworthMichael Bettersworth is the associate vice chancellor for technology advancement and executive director of the Center for Employability Outcomes at Texas State Technical College. Michael came to TSTC from the IC² Institute where he served as director of information technology supporting startups and regional economic development initiatives. He is a principle in the design and implementation of the nation’s first Return Value Funding Model which utilizes student earnings outcomes to inform state appropriations for TSTC, severing the tie to contact hours. Michael previously founded TSTC Forecasting leading technology studies with a focus on new and emerging skills to guide college curriculum. Michael is now focused on creating new methods for colleges to maximize student employability. This work includes curriculum alignment tools, data visualization, cultural change strategy, and related policy work. He currently resides in Austin, Texas where he recently finished his second 100-mile century ride.

Marc Anderberg | Chief Analyst

Marc AnderbergMarc has more than twenty years’ experiences as a labor market analyst. After teaching policy analysis, he moved into applied research as Regional Quality Workforce Planning Director for thirteen counties comprising the Coastal Bend Service Delivery Area of Texas. He went on to become the chief labor market analyst at the JTPA Division of the Texas Department of Commerce when it administer the state’s workforce development programs. He organized and directed the state’s Automated Student and Adult Learning Follow-up System which was an innovation leader in using electronic linkages across various agencies’ administrative records to document students’ and workforce program participants’ post-exit placement and earnings. A key feature of the follow-up system was a consumer reporting system which made placement and earnings data by institution and field of study publicly accessible to help drive informed choice in career decision-making and more transparency in training programs’ accountability for economic outcomes. Since retiring from the Texas Workforce Commission as the director of applied research, he has been involved in exploring the interaction between labor supply and employment demand at the skill and competency level which is more granular and actionable than previously used approaches at higher levels of data aggregation in occupational and instructional taxonomies.

Ron Sanders | Senior Business Analyst

Ron SandersRon is a veteran of the IT industry, the Texas Workforce Commission,  and has sixteen years of higher education experience in every aspect of instruction from instructor to Chief Academic Officer.  That experience helps him to understand that pressures that college leaders face to align programs within shrinking budgets and with higher expectations from regulators and accreditors. Ron is a passionate advocate for Workforce Education, having become a believer through personal experience after being laid off. As Vice President for Student Learning at TSTC Waco, he became interested in the Common Skills Language project early on because of its potential to bring education and employers together and improve communication with advisory boards. Ron is currently serving the Texas State Technical College System as Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager for the Perkins Leadership Grant for Curriculum Competency Analysis.